Velocix Personalization Platform

Reap the benefits of increased viewership with stream personalization.

Monetize multiscreen services with addressable advertising and apply session-based controls to improve the consumer’s viewing experience using the Velocix Personalization Platform.

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Powering Personalized Video Streams

Addressable Ads

Monetize viewership by inserting personalized advertisements into active video streams.

Bandwidth Controls

Dynamically control stream bit rates to improve consumer quality of experience.

Content Blackout

Restrict access to content based on defined rules or insert alternative programming.

Emergency Alerts

Inject applicable notifications into video streams based on consumer data.

Key Features of the Velocix Personalization Platform

Multi-Screen Ad Enablement

Place targeted ads into live, VOD, and time-shifted content to generate more value with every stream delivered.

Flexible Insertion

Place pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll advertisements into video streams as they are being played.

Ad Platform Integration

Use SCTE and VAST standards to tie into online advertising platforms and let advertisers bid on available inventory.

Bandwidth Management

Set business rules to manage network congestion and ensure consumers receive the best possible service.

Device Limits

Define and enforce device limits to prevent clients from consuming more than their fair share of the network.

Data Logging

Log detailed advertising performance and consumer engagement data to support ads and personalization.

Open APIs

Integrate with market leading content delivery networks, middleware, and ad systems using open, published APIs.

Simplified Scaling

Deploy incrementally scalable software modules to satisfy the capacity needs of the application

Personalizing Video Streams

Learn how the Velocix Personalization Platform fits into your workflow

  • Addressable Ads
  • Bandwidth Controls
  • Compliance Enforcement

Bandwidth Control = Happier Customers

The Velocix Personalization Platform features dynamic bandwidth controls to manage network congestion and ensure customers receive the highest quality of service, thereby reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction.

Bandwidth Control Use Cases

Traffic Management

Monitor real-time usage to ID and manage network congestion

Cost Optimization

Apply different policies to optimize network transit costs

Imposing Device Limits

Mitigate greedy clients and cap usage based on device type

Establishing Policy Tiers

Define video quality profiles for different subscriber tiers

Deliver a more personal viewing experience with the market leading Velocix CDN

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Velocix Personalization Platform Benefits

Revenue Growth

Grow video revenue by taking full advantage of advertising opportunities on every viewing screen.

Quality of Experience

Satisfy all your customers by implementing bandwidth controls to manage constraints across the network.


Enforce adherence to negotiated content agreements and local government regulations.


Improve the value of the content delivery network by enabling personalized applications.

Time to Market

Launch faster using pre-qualified interfaces with the market’s leading ad platforms, middleware systems, and CDNs


Launch faster using pre-qualified interfaces with the market’s leading ad platforms, middleware systems, and CDNs

Why Velocix Personalization Platform?

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"Velocix Personalization Platform provides video service operators with the tools required to improve yield from their existing ad inventory and generate more revenue per individual stream.”

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