Velocix Origin

Deliver video applications like Cloud DVR that consumers can’t find anywhere else.

Velocix Origin provides the scalable recording, storage, and processing features required to power live, on-demand, and time-shifted video services on every screen.

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Presenting the TV of Tomorrow, Today.


Ingress live content in a single format and package it in real-time to support many different consumer viewing devices.


Cost effectively store file based video content and make it available for playback at the click of a button.

Time-Shifted TV

Record live content in the network, enabling consumers to pause, rewind, restart, and watch whenever they want.

Cloud DVR

Let consumers choose what to record and store in their own personal network-based storage archive.

Key Features of the Velocix Origin

Store Once, Stream Everywhere

Simplify content workflows by using a single video format to support both new and legacy viewing devices.

Rights Compliant CDVR

Record private or shared copies of live video programming to comply with local regulations and content rights.

Just In Time Processing

Package content and apply digital rights management in real-time to suit the consumers viewing device.

Infinitely Scalable Storage

Inexpensively grow your content library to exabyte levels using high density software-defined object storage.

Fail-Safe Functionality

Ensure that content is successfully recorded and delivered with automated resiliency and redundancy features.

100% Software

Deploy on your own hardware platform or a qualified reference platform optimized for purpose.


Integrate the origin into your content delivery ecosystem with open, published APIs for all major functions.

Field-Proven Performance

Use the origin server leading service providers rely on to support their most advanced video services.

Velocix Origin Architecture

Learn about our low lag solution for live streaming

  • Reduce lag time for live ABR content
  • Enable faster stream starts and a better overall consumer experience
  • >10x improvement versus pre-optimized solutions

The Compliant Cloud DVR Origin

The Velocix Origin supports private copy, shared copy, and hybrid cloud digital video recording, giving you the flexibility to employ the most efficient implementation model based on your content rights and regional regulations.

Private Copy

A unique recording is stored in the network for each consumer that requests it.

Shared Copy

A common recording is stored in the network that may be viewed by all consumers.


Private and shared copy are used simultaneously to account for varying content rights.

Orchestrate time-shifted and Cloud DVR services with Velocix Recording Manager.

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Velocix Origin Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Save on origin storage by using one source content format for all screens and dynamically adapting it on playout.

Quality of Experience

Deliver faster start times and better synchronization between screens with integrated low lag features.

Limitless Scaling

Expand content libraries using cost-efficient software-defined storage that is designed for infinite scalability.

Rights Compliance

Ensure adherence to local regulations and content rights obligations for advanced recording and playback services.

High Reliability

Never miss a recording or playback request with the Velocix Origin’s resilient ingress and egress architecture.

Flexibility and Openness

Easily integrate the Velocix Origin into a multi-vendor best-of-breed ecosystem using open, published APIs.

What customers are saying about the Velocix Origin

"Our cloud DVR project required a high performance origin that offered advanced features and massive scalability. The Velocix origin was an ideal choice for us."

- Director of Technology, Top 10 U.S. Telecom Operator

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