Velocix Multicast ABR

Optimize live video delivery, preserve valuable network capacity, and save cost.

Scale out your live video service more cost effectively and using fewer network resources with the Velocix Multicast ABR solution.


Making Live Streaming More Efficient

Multicast ABR

Deliver live video to many consumers using a single shared stream, dramatically reducing network utilization.

Unicast Switching

Dynamically switch from multicast to unicast delivery as required to support stream personalization.

Open Proxy

Integrate Velocix’s open proxy client at the right endpoint in the network for optimal efficiency.

Live Caching

Cache live content at the edge of the network to reduce demands on upstream system components.

Key features of the Velocix Multicast ABR solution

Efficiency + Personalization

Switch between multicast and unicast to optimize network utilization while keeping support for personalization features.

Standards Based

Employ a standards based design that integrates easily into typical content workflows.

Flexible Design

Deploy Velocix’s proxy client on the gateway, set-top, ONT, or in the network to achieve the highest efficiency.

100% Software

Run the solution in a virtualized environment or on bare metal to deliver peak performance.

CDN Compatible

Easily integrate Velocix’s Multicast ABR solution with the CDN to take advantage of live caching capabilities.

Advertising Friendly

Support typical monetization use-cases with a design that integrates with addressable advertising workflows.

Open Solution

Use an open and freely redistributable proxy client to support a wide range of deployment environments.

Resilient and Reliable

Ensure seamless viewing with a high availability architecture that mitigates common fault scenarios.

Efficiently Scale with Multicast ABR

Learn the top 10 reasons to choose Velocix Multicast ABR

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Consumer Benefits
  • Operational Savings

The Flexible Multicast ABR Proxy

Velocix offers an open, lightweight Multicast ABR proxy that can be positioned in the home or at the edge of the network for optimal efficiency. The proxy dynamically switches between unicast and multicast based on real-time usage statistics and network conditions.

Supported Proxy Integration Locations

Set-Top Box






*Custom integration

Velocix Multicast ABR is pre-integrated with the market-leading Velocix CDN

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Multicast ABR Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Reduce CDN costs and network expenses by streaming live video in the most efficient manner.

Quality of Experience

Improve stream quality by reducing contention for precious network resources and eliminating traffic bottlenecks.

Limitless Scaling

Scale out live video services with fewer impacts on the network and your project budget.

Stream Personalization

Dynamically switch between multicast and unicast to enable personalization features and addressable advertising.

Open and Standards Based

Reduce project risk by implementing an open platform based on industry standards for Multicast ABR.

Time to Market

Get to market more quickly with a solution that is pre-integrated with the market’s leading content delivery solution

Why Velocix Multicast ABR?

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"Velocix’s Multicast ABR solution offers operators a way to more efficiently scale-out live video streaming, while keeping the personalization benefits of unicast. It delivers the best of both worlds."

Velocix mABR Product Manager

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