Velocix CDN

Capitalize on the growing consumer demand for video on every screen.

Introduce next generation video services using the market-leading Velocix CDN and deliver a more personal viewing experience to subscribers, at home and on the go.

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Enabling Advanced Multi-Screen Video Applications

Video Services

Stream live, on-demand, and time-shifted video content to consumers on every connected screen.

Wholesale CDN

Lease CDN and storage capacity to customers interested in distributing their own content.

Hosted CDN

Let Velocix host a CDN in the cloud for capacity offload or OTT direct-to-consumer video services.

Download Services

Enable services that download media content, software updates, and firmware to consumer devices.

Advanced Features for Demanding CDN Applications

Edge Caching

Position popular content closer to the subscriber, preserving network bandwidth and improving stream quality.

Tiered Storage

Store low popularity content deeper in the network, reducing storage capacity requirements and saving cost.

Intelligent Routing

Direct stream requests to the optimal server based on network conditions and other relevant factors.

True Multi-Screen

Stream different video formats using a variety of protocols to deliver services to every connected viewing device.

Automated Resiliency

Configure automated resiliency to route traffic around faults and ensure the highest quality of service.


Run a fully virtualized CDN software stack and manage it within your OpenStack environment.

Hardware Agnostic

Use your own hardware or a Velocix certified reference platform.

High Density

Get the highest stream density in the industry on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

Popularity Based Content Distribution

Learn about our patented HiFi caching algorithm

  • Increased hit rate
  • Less taxing on hardware
  • Better stream performance

One Solution for All Screens

The Velocix CDN can serve IP connected devices and legacy playback devices simultaneously from a single solution architecture. Unified delivery capabilities make it easier to evolve video services over time at your own pace.

Supported Video Formats



Apple HLS

Microsoft Smooth



*Progressive download other content formats or software files

Personalize individual streams using the Velocix Personalization Platform

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Velocix CDN Benefits

Cost Savings

Save on network, origin, and storage costs by efficiently distributing content based on actual demand.

Quality of Experience

Eliminate buffering and reduce lag to deliver an exceptional quality of experience that outperforms the competition.

Flexible Scaling

Add incremental capacity one module at a time and save money as the system scales.

Revenue Growth

Deliver new services to consumers on more devices and then monetize viewership with advanced advertising.

Consumer Intelligence

Gather detailed viewership data and use it to fine tune services or support addressable advertising.

Time to Market

Get up and running quickly with a proven solution that is pre-integrated with other common video technologies.

What customers are saying about Velocix CDN

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"We are delivering a very large and rapidly growing amount of video streams over IP. The Velocix CDN has been a great performer and works flawlessly."

- Olivier Philippe, VP Entertainment Technology at Liberty Global

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