The Highly Personalized Future of Television

Technology will revolutionize how consumers experience video over the next decade. Velocix Any Vision is a thought provoking viewpoint on what the future holds and how to prepare for it.

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Any Vision: A glimpse into the future of video entertainment


Video displays will be ubiquitous. Any surface can become an interactive viewing screen, which will dramatically increase the range of viewing opportunities.


Content will become timeless as time-shifted viewing replaces scheduled viewing. Content duration will no longer be constrained by traditional broadcast schedules.


All content will be accessible instantly. Channels will give way to brands, which will become the primary way that people will identify with content.


Video will be application driven, enabling new ways of watching, new business models, and expanded monetization opportunities.


With higher speed wireline and wireless data networks, video will be accessible in more places than ever before. Video will no longer be constrained to the home, becoming increasingly mobile.


Intelligent, data driven curation will power a more personalized and dynamic user experience, helping to connect consumers with content that meets their interest moment by moment.

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"Velocix is taking the initiative to present a view of the future that extends beyond the next few years. We think it is a great way to drive discussion in the industry about how things are changing and what video service operators can do today to position themselves for growth in the years ahead."

– Jim Brickmeier, CMO and Head of Strategy at Velocix