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NEWS: Volaris group reaches agreement to aquire Nokia's IP video business and launch Velocix, a pure play streaming technology company

We believe each video stream should be as unique as the individual watching it.

That’s because we understand that people’s viewing interests and behaviors are diverse and constantly changing, influenced by time, place, and viewing device, making them as distinctive as a fingerprint. By serving the nuances of personal preference, we enable our customers to deliver viewing experiences that are more entertaining, thought-provoking, satisfying, and valuable, enriching people’s lives around the globe.

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Our technology serves one stream to each person

We offer every individual the freedom to choose what, when, where and how they want to watch.

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Our solutions go further

We intelligently adapt and adjust each viewing experience in real-time using contextual cues to stimulate new interest, expose fresh perspectives and drive deeper engagement on every screen.

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Making the world a better place, one stream at a time.

Our customers, including network service providers, video service operators, broadcasters, programmers and content owners use our solutions to deliver millions of personalized streams each and every day.

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Any Vision: The future of video is personal.

Velocix Any Vision is our thought-leading perspective on the future of personalized video entertainment. Explore how personalization will revolutionize the way that everyone connects with video content in a world where screens are ubiquitous.

Our Solutions

Content delivery

Efficiently stream live, on-demand, and time shifted video to any screen using the market leading and highly scalable Velocix Media Delivery Platform and multicast ABR solutions.

Origin, Storage, & Recording

Process, store, and distribute live and file-based video content to support cloud DVR, time shifted TV, VOD, and more using the Velocix Origin Application, JIT packager, and Video Recording Manager.

Monetization & Personalization

Insert targeted video advertisements and dynamically manipulate streams to personalize the consumer viewing experience using the Velocix Personalization Platform.

User Experience

Provide consumers with a richly-featured, personalized video navigation experience that works seamlessly across screens using the Velocix User Experience solution.

Managed & Professional Services

Smartly design, rapidly integrate, and reliably deploy and operate personalized streaming video services using our world class team of video experts.

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